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Quality system
Our company has established a perfect quality management system, which is implemented in strict accordance with ISO9001:2000 standard, and adopts strict measures in quality assurance and product safety:

I. quality assurance measures:

According to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard, strict quality assurance measures have been taken in the whole process from purchase, process, delivery of finished products to after-sales service.

1. Incoming quality assurance measures:
① control supply channels and select qualified suppliers:
For main raw materials and devices, our company must select famous brands at home and abroad; suppliers must select first-class agents to ensure that 100% of purchased parts are authentic; all suppliers shall be strictly evaluated, and their performance shall be recorded, and they shall be re evaluated every year. Only those qualified can be listed in the list of qualified suppliers; main raw materials and devices must be purchased from qualified suppliers.
② establish a perfect incoming inspection system:
Our company's quality control department is equipped with full-time incoming inspectors to strictly inspect all purchased and outsourced parts. Only qualified materials can be warehoused and put into production.

2. Production process quality assurance measures:

The quality control in the production process mainly adopts the combination of self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection. For the quality problems, the principle of "three don't let go" is adopted: that is, the quality problems are not solved, the improvement measures are not implemented, and the parties are not educated. Secondly, the system of quality statistics and quality objective assessment is established, and the quality of each process is statistically analyzed every month. For those who fail to reach the quality objective, the "quality veto" is implemented. In addition, pay special attention to the use of advanced process methods, purchase of advanced processing equipment, and have full-time engineers for process guidance and inspection, to ensure that the processing capacity is sufficient and the process quality is under control for a long time.

3. Factory quality assurance measures for finished products:
All finished products produced by our company shall be strictly inspected by qualified full-time inspectors, and products can only be warehoused and delivered after they are qualified. In addition, relevant technical data (drawings, test reports, operation instructions, etc.) shall be provided, and quality commitment (quality assurance certificate) shall be made to customers; in order to ensure 100% qualified rate of finished products, our company shall take effective measures such as regular training, qualification appraisal and strict assessment for full-time inspectors; meanwhile, director and manager of quality control department shall strictly monitor the quality of finished products, and carry out sampling at any time Check and recheck to ensure that all quality problems of finished products are completely solved before delivery.

4. After sales service quality assurance measures:
The planning and operation Department of the company has set up a special after-sales service group, with special personnel in charge of after-sales service, widely collecting customer opinions, conducting customer satisfaction survey regularly, and handling customer opinions and complaints in time; during the installation process, professional technical personnel come to the site for guidance, and after the installation is completed, professional personnel adjust and test. After the product is put into operation, technical guidance shall be provided to guide the customer to maintain the product; when the product has quality problems, the customer shall be satisfied at the first time. Implement life-long service for products.

II. Safety protection measures:

The safety performance of products is one of the key factors of our company. Effective product safety measures are taken in the process of product design, production, inspection, packaging and use.

In terms of product inspection, in addition to the inspection of electrical performance or function, it also pays special attention to the safety inspection of products, and the electrical safety has passed the EU CE certification.

In the aspect of packaging and transportation, great attention is paid to the protection of products. The product packaging adopts waterproof and moisture-proof fresh-keeping film and anti-collision paper skin packaging, and then uses high-quality wooden boards to nail into boxes. The "three proofs" mark is made outside the boxes.

III. quality commitment:

During the warranty period, the company will improve the system performance free of charge, repair or replace the defective products free of charge, and improve the work until the user is satisfied with the operation failure or product damage caused by the product manufacturing quality (except for vulnerable and consumable products). Beyond the warranty period, the company is willing to accept the entrustment of the construction party and sign the maintenance contract of relevant systems.