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After-sale service
1. Service system:

All the services we provide come from the needs of users. As always, we will provide users with high-quality and efficient services, and constantly seek to improve the service content and service mode, so that we and our customers can get the best benefit from it.

2. Service department:

The technical support department has a number of technical support engineers with rich field experience, who are able to face a variety of complex sites and troubleshoot. When necessary, the technical engineer will go directly to the site, locate various faults and provide perfect solutions.

R & D department is the highest level of technical support department, providing customers with services such as problems that cannot be solved by technical support department, customization of special needs and secondary development. Local offices provide convenient and quick telephone service or on-site service to dealers or end users to solve common problems of users; for major problems, they will return to the technical support center of the headquarters.

3. Machine training:

Three days after the delivery of domestic customers' machines, home-to-door training will be conducted for foreign machines within one week.

The purpose of training for end users is to enable users to correctly manage and use the company's products to ensure the smooth operation of the access control security integrated system. Customer training includes technical training and operation training. The object of technical training is the management and maintenance technician of the user, and the object of operation training is the operator of specific operation equipment. The training shall be conducted on site and the site shall be provided by the user.

4. Service commitment:

During the warranty period, the company will improve the system performance free of charge, repair or replace the defective products free of charge, and improve the work until the user is satisfied with the operation failure or product damage caused by the product manufacturing quality (except for vulnerable and consumable products). Beyond the warranty period, the company is willing to accept the entrustment of the construction party and sign the maintenance contract of relevant systems.